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Top tips for giving great feedback
Top tips for giving great feedback

A few pointers

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Some Top Tips when giving feedback

  • Use timed comments where possible -  If the point you are making relates to a specific point in the track, pin it to the waveform.

  • Include references and links to plugins, resources, videos and anything else that you think might help the artist. (No links to pirated content please)

  • Create individual comments for each issue - Don’t lump together points, even if they are in the same category. Bite-size pieces of content makes your feedback easier to digest and act upon.

  • Take notes on your first listen - Uninterrupted listening is best for first impressions, so have a notepad to hand to scribble down those notes.

  • Share your killer tips - Users love them, and will come back for more!

  • Make your profile stand out - Unless you are a superstar producer, the primary source of information people will have about you and your abilities will come from your profile. 

  • Aim to be speedy - Everyone likes fast delivery, but most importantly try not to miss deadlines.

  • Read the user’s profile and react - Give them tips specific to their DAW, mention a cool preset for that plugin they own and customise your level of writing to their skill level.

  • Inject some personality - Keep it light, speak your mind, maybe even crack a joke!

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