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Providing Pro feedback
Providing Pro feedback

How it works

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Starting the Assignment

After being submitted a track to provide feedback on, you will receive an email with the details of the assignment.

The Feedback Page

Clicking Open Assignment will open up our web-based feedback creation tool. You can also access all of your current and past jobs from the Assignments menu

In this screen you can:

  • Stream the track (192kbps quality)

  • Add feedback entries

  • Download the full quality file (note: some customers choose not to enable downloads)

  • Access the customer's profile by clicking their avatar

  • See the assignment type and description

  • Send and receive direct messages

  • Preview and complete the assignment

  • Cancel the assignment if necessary

Adding Feedback Entries

  1. Choose a category for the feedback (Full Feedback only) 

2. Write comments using the editor. There is a full editor when completing Full Feedback and a 'lite' editor with Quick Feedback.

Everything is auto-saved, so you can come and go from the page without losing any work.

3. If the comment relates to specific point in the track drag the marker onto the waveform

4, Keep adding entries until you're happy with your feedback and click the Preview and Finish button on the right hand side..

6) Check the preview. If it's good to go (and all embeddable content is working), click Complete Feedback and optionally enter a note to go back to the customer.

7) Job done! The customer will be notified. You can continue to interact via direct message. The payment (if applicable) will be released when the customer rates the feedback, or after 24 hours (whichever comes first).

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