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Configuring your Pro services
Configuring your Pro services

And activating your account

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Welcome to your new Pro account!

NOTE Please be aware ALL Pro accounts start off with Community Pro status. Verified Pros need to be manually verified by Audiu staff. This can take up to 24 hours. If you feel it's taking too long, drop us a line at [email protected] or via the green speech bubble in the bottom right.

Your Global Availability

The coloured dot next to your display name represents your global availability. This affects all services and defaults to Not Available when you first upgrade. You can change this at any time.

Configuring Services

Click your avatar to go to your Profile, the click Configure to go in to Edit Services mode

This is an overview of your activated services, including their price, turnaround time and example (if set).

Editing a Service
Click the Edit button to configure an individual service

Turnaround Time: Choose a suitable turnaround time for the service. If a job goes past the deadline, the customer is able to cancel for a refund. Choose something realistic.

Maximum Concurrent Jobs: How many simultanous jobs you would like to accept. 

Price: You can select your own price, with the total you will receive shown below (minus Audiu commission) 

Please note: Community Pros have a price cap of €7 or currency equivalent for all services. There is no price cap for Verified Pros.

Example Work: This is where you can choose a job you have done previously as a public example to display on your profile. You must choose a service that the client has made public. 

Remember free work is always public, and is a great way of building up a portfolio of examples!

Custom Instructions (Optional): Here you can ask for further information or provide guidelines relating to a specific service.

This particularly useful if you need stems or pre-masters provided with certain settings or formats.

Next up: Different types of Feedback

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