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Upgrading to a Pro Account
Upgrading to a Pro Account

Requirements for going Pro

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The final tab of the Profile creation process looks like this. Click the link to continue.

Verified Pro Requirements

A Verified Pro must be able to demonstrate they are a genuine music industry professional. They can include: artists, engineers, educators, label owners, A&Rs, journalists etc. In most instances, a Verified Pro must have:

  • a Beatport artist page OR

  • an AllMusic professional page (with releases or credits) OR

  • a Discogs artist page

If you feel that you should be a Verified Pro, but do not have one of these pages, please drop us a line at [email protected] and will try our best to help.

Community Pro Requirements

Anyone can become a Community Pro, but we ask that you spend some time getting involved with the community first. This to help us with quality control and to help you get acquainted with Audiu. From March 2017 onwards, Community Pros will require:

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