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Introduction for Pros

Getting started offering services on Audiu

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Audiu is a community of musicians, producers and music lovers, but what differentiates us from other platforms is our trusted network of Pros.

There are three types of Pro on Audiu:

  • Community: Regular members of the Audiu community who want to help others with free and low cost services.

  • Verified: Active audio professionals who have been vetted and quality assured by Audiu.

  • VIP (by invitation only):  Well known music industry figures with a significant  following.

Pros can offer the following services on Audiu:

  • Feedback: Structured feedback on a client's track. There are different types of feedback (Full, Quick, Follow-Up and Custom) and can be written, video or multimedia

  • Mixing: Remote mixing of a client's track. 

  • Mastering: Remote mastering of a client's track.

  • Custom: Pros can define custom services, such a remixing, stem mastering, editing or any other audio related services.

Setting up a Pro profile

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