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Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Audiu! Where to go from here

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Thank you for joining Audiu - the next generation artist community which aims to help musicians and producers from around the world learn, connect and grow.

The best way to get started with Audiu:

1) Complete your profile

Detailed profiles help other artists discover and connect with you. Go there now

2) Create a Project and upload/import some tracks

Use our handy Soundcloud importer or upload tracks from your computer. Go there now | Learn More

3) Get involved with the Feedback Stream

Leave some helpful comments for other Audiu users to get your tracks showing in the Feedback Stream. Go there now | Learn More

4) Start building your network

Discover and connect with like minded artists and invite your existing friends and team mates. Discover Artists | Invite Friends | Learn more

5) Check out some Pros and their services

Audiu's team of Verified Pros can help you take your music to the next level, see who is available now! Go there now | Learn More

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