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What can you do for free on Audiu?
What can you do for free on Audiu?

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We want Audiu to be a platform for all music makers to learn, collaborate and grow. Because of this, much of the site is free to use. Here is a quick overview of the free stuff on Audiu:

  • Host and publish your music for free

  • Organise tracks into Projects (EPs, albums etc.)

  • Support for file types such as artwork, project files, videos

  • Advanced access control - great for personal or group projects

  • Unique way to get feedback on your music for free

  • Leave helpful comments for other users to increase your Rep Score

  • The higher your Rep Score, the more your music will be suggested to other users

Services from Community Pros

  • Some Community Pros generously offer services for free

  • Services include feedback, mixing, mastering and more

  • Note: You may only have one active free service at any one time

  • Note: Any service you receive for free will be public and cannot be deleted

Networking Features

  • Discover and connect with likeminded artists and collaborators

  • Invite and connect with your existing artist network

  • Search artists by location, language, genre, DAW and skills

Mobile App (coming soon!)

  • Get involved with the Feedback Stream on the go

  • Access all the public music on Audiu, as well as your own private tracks

  • Notifications and messages direct to your phone

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