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The Feedback Stream

Free community driven feedback

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The Feedback Stream is a free feature which allows you to 'give feedback to get feedback' from other active members in the Audiu community. Here are some commonly asked questions:

How do I add my tracks to the Feedback Stream?

Simply upload or import tracks to Audiu and make sure:

  • Their visibility is set to public

  • They have a genre and status set (note: signed or released tracks do not appear in the Feedback Stream)

  • They are not marked as archived

How do I get feedback on my tracks?

Earn Rep Points by leaving constructive feedback for other artists. Useful comments will earn Rep Points when the artist (or anyone else) upvotes it. You must earn at least 1 Rep Point per week in order for your tracks to be displayed on the stream.

What are Rep Points?

You earn a Rep Point every time someone 'upvotes' one of your comments. Rep Points are often awarded by the original artists, but anyone can upvote any comment which they think is useful.

How does the system decide which tracks to suggest?

The following factors are considered by the system when suggesting tracks to users:

  • The artist's Rep Score

  • How recently the track was uploaded

  • The genre of the track

What kind of feedback should I leave?

Constructive feedback will receive the most Rep Points. Here are some tips:

  • Do you think there are any issues with the track? How would you fix them?

  • What do you really like about the track? Be specific.

  • Use categories and timed comments to illustrate your points.

  • Is this ready to be released? Who might sign it? Where can you imagine hearing it?

  • Click the ♡ symbol if you just want to say you like it, rather than leaving a comment.

  • Note that poor quality feedback can be downvoted by users with a Rep Score over 10.

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