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Verified Pros vs Community Pros
Verified Pros vs Community Pros

What's the difference?

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Verified Pros (and VIPs) have been vetted by Audiu. All Verified Pros:

  • Are active and earning in the music industry

  • Have had their identities checked and confirmed. They are who they say they are!

  • Have had some work assessed by Audiu and meet our stringent quality requirements.

  • Are monitored for quality and reliability on an ongoing basis.

Community Pros are members of the Audiu community who offer services. They:

  • Are not vetted by Audiu - anyone can become a Community Pro.

  • Tend to offer free and lower cost services.

  • Are monitored for reliability - unreliable Community Pros are downgraded.

You can choose whether to see Verified and/or Community Pros using the filter on the Browse pages.

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