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How payments work on Audiu

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Pro Services

1-1 services from Verified Pros are pay as you go on a per track basis.

Pros are able to set their own prices according to how they value their time and


Audiu uses Paypal to process all payments. Here is how it works:

  1. Select  a pro, service and and submit your track.

  2. Pay for the service via Paypal.

  3. The payment is held by Audiu while the job is in progress.

  4. After the job is completed and you have rated it positively, the payment is released to the Pro. If you do not rate with 48 hours, the payment will be released.

Pros with 'On Request' Status

When requesting a service from an 'On Request' Pro, you may receive an email from PayPal indicating you have signed up for a "preapproved payments plan with Audiu". 

This is NOT a subscription. It simply allows Audiu to charge you only when the Pro accepts the job. No money will be removed from your account if the job is rejected or times out and the pre-approval will be cancelled.

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